See Now

Open your mind, you ignorant being,
There are things to do other than seeing,
Seeing, and then, believing what you see,
Oblivious to the beauty hidden from thee.

You, who needn’t think twice
You, who can do no vice,
See how my conscience mocks at your being,
At your lack of values and abundant talent of ‘seeing’.

You see me? Yes, I’m a girl.
Before you show me your sympathy,
Know, know that there is no room in my heart for pity.
Knowledge and love builds my core,
Is there anything that I require more?

You see my skin? Yes, it’s not white like snow.
See yonder, My heart’s still red with the bloods that flow,
See how my being mocks at you
Mocks at your eyes that tell nothing true.

I can take my chances, if you leave some for me,
Opportunity is not an apple growing in your property.

Lock your spite, throw away the key
Beyond the ragged clothes, stands a man with dignity.
Don’t let your eyes do the thinking for you,
Appearances are deceptive, have you no clue?

Listen now. Listen to the man’s heartbeat.
Realize; how could you possibly defeat,
A man who is so unlike yourself,
A man who is a portrait of integrity himself.

Feel now. Feel the burden of your conscience.

How will you carry the guilt in your senscence?

Feel yourself turning in your lonely grave

The absence of companionship that you truly crave.

Speak now. Speak the wisest words of humanity

“All men are equal” was not written to feed Lincoln’s vanity.

Lying in it is a message that courses through your vein

Humanity is not a charade, it’s a legacy we ought to retain.

Stand now. Stand up proud and tall

And lend your hand to the men who fall,

Fall from their pedestal of human nature

To “See” and judge a person by his stature.

Walk now. Walk forward and blindfold his eyes

Let the poor man feel the burden of the cries,

He feels the burden as his ego dies.

And now, go ahead , open your eyes.

See Now. See a better world devoid of prejudiced lies.

Soumya Bisht


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