ALMOST- A story of its own


The word almost speaks a story of its own. A saga of a mission that never reached salvation, a dream discarded a little too early, a book that started with an enthusiasm unmatched only to have been tossed onto a shelf– a page before climax.

To me, almost is a little girl who was perfect in the sense that she was herself. Almost is the same girl who featured on the academic honor’s list but at the fifth place. Almost is the girl who gave it everything she had but came fourth at the story-writing competition. She is the girl who worked all day on her butterfly stroke but didn’t get a mention even once. Almost is the girl who danced well at parties but was never appreciated because “only if your movements were a little more graceful, darling”.

Almost wore pretty dresses but not pretty enough to be asked where she bought them from. Almost is the woman who made it big, but was still left unnoticed. “You were almost there, honey. Keep trying”, they’d say.

But how could she tell them that she’d tried her best. That she had pushed herself completely— only to be told that she didn’t make the cut. Almost is, after all, relative.

Her everything was an almost for the others. She’d draw a house, and the others would draw a portrait of Mona Lisa. She’d get a B, off course. The others had taken the A and kept it for themselves. Who’d tell them that A stood for almost ?

Average. Not the best. Unremarkable. Almost there, but not quite.

Almost is a pretty word. Someone please tell the little girl that on my behalf, if you may.

Tell her that almost is the prettiest thing I’ve heard anyone been called. It speaks of hope. It speaks of lessons learnt and paths never treaded. It speaks of a pinch of disappointment served with tonnes of hard work and determination. It speaks of a remarkable individual who was labelled ‘unremarkable’.

But hey, Almost ! Don’t let anything stop you from finishing your story. Even if you finish last, finish. Be the almost that did what she set out to accomplish.Be the almost winner. In fact, you don’t need to come first in the race that others set out for you. Create your own race.

Almost, you are beautiful.

Almost — a word that has so much hope, a word hardened by scorns and scowls. A word beaten down by criticism in a world where only the firsts matter. A word moulded into an exquisite, unconventional beauty.

You are better than perfect.

You are almost perfect.


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